I have just started working with Laura and her team and I believe she is doing a first class job as a trainer. I would have no problem in sending my horses or recommending owners to her yard. From what I have seen on recent visits the operation is run professionally and the horses are all happy and well cared for.

I am sure that Laura could go all the way to the top of the training ranks if she was given the right horses, therefore I am very pleased to be associated with her and I hope to play a part in her continuing success and progression to the top.

Tom Malone (Bloodstock Agent)

As an owner of many years, my association with Laura and her husband James, who run a super-efficient and friendly yard, is nothing but excellent and their small string of jumpers and hurdlers continue to produce winners. Laura has a good eye for a racehorse and an even better one for a bargain!

Laura and James have worked very hard to establish and promote a successful 'owner friendly' yard and I am pleased to have played a small part in helping them along the way.

Dudley Coombs (Owner)

Laura does a fantastic job with the horses she is given, her ability to 'mend' other trainer's cast offs and get them back on the track is miraculous. She has maintained a 10% strike rate over the past couple of years and I am sure that given the support of more good owners and some decent equines that percentage could be doubled.

Clive Handford (Total Plumbing Supporters Club)

I have been connected with Laura's yard for about 15 years. Laura has always been honest, realistic and exceptional value for money.

I have only been involved with horses from the bottom end of the market but Laura has always given me success by ensuring that my horses are well educated, well turned out and well placed to gain the best results. Her record with cheap and difficult horses has been excellent, she treats every animal in her yard as an individual and is expert at finding the different keys that make them work.

If you want an honest, open and realistic approach to your horse and racehorse ownership, Laura Young is an excellent option. Her work ethic and ability merits consideration and support (and a better quality of horse) by owners who want an easy going but professional environment. I have enjoyed my time and experiences with the yard and I am sure that you would too!

John Sherwin (Happy but poor racehorse owner)