Do you have a problem horse that's not performing?

Do you have a horse that needs a change of scenery?

Do you need an incentive to make that big change?

I would be delighted to help you make that change and I promise to give you my honest opinion of your horse's ability and problems within the first month of training.

My opinion might be the one you wanted to hear, on the other hand if you horse has a problem I could save you hundreds of pounds in wasted training fees and lots of heartache.

I simply categorise races horses into four basic groups :-

  1. A decent sort that will win races
  2. A decent sort that has a problem but could win races when I've fixed it!
  3. A decent sort that has a problem that can't be fixed!
  4. I can't perform miracles!

I can assure you that your horse will be given every opportunity to prove his worth. If you check my history you will see that I have had lots of success with horses that other people had given up on, I don't give up easily!

Any questions please call or catch me at the races, I will always have time for you.


Training Fees

Standard training fee per week per horse: £196 (non vat)


  1. Farrier.
  2. Travelling.
  3. Veterinary services.
  4. Supplements if required and mutually agreed.